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African Farmers Information Hub
It is a web-based information tool that offers trainers, extension workers and farmers quick access to up-to date and locally relevant information.
AgsPart2020 Foundation, Philippines
AgsPart2020 Foundation offers advice for livestock development in the Philippines to private, public and civl actors
Animal Sciences Schools
Rank the top 60 Animal Sciences graduate programs in the US using the latest National Research Council data.
Dairy Production and Products - FAO
The FAO Dairy Gateway is a neutral platform that provides a wide range of material about milk production and products in developing countries. The Gateway allows users to share information, video and picture stories, and experiences.
Domestic Animal Diversity Network (DAD-Net)
DAD-Net provides an informal forum of discussion on management of animal genetic resources. Membership is open to anybody interested in the subject, particularly National Coordinators and their networks, decision-makers, accademia and NGos. To join this Network please contact:

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