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Second International Workshop on Dairy Science Park, 18-20 November 2013, Peshawar (Pakistan)

The Theme of the Second International Workshop on Dairy Science Park is: Developing enterprising capacity of livestock and poultry farmers of Pak-Afghan Region through partnership of academia, government, entrepreneurs, exporters & civil society with special focus on meat production targeted at International Halal Food Market.

The Workshop is expected to provide guidelines, road-map and an engine for growth of the local sheep/goats/poultry production farms into viable enterprises capable of producing clean food for local market and export and generating self-employment for the youth especially the graduates in animal social sciences, agriculture and business administration. The workshop will comprise the following sessions:

·         Meat and Dairy Technology

·         Poultry Science

·         Dairy Science

·         Animal Health

·         Feeding and nutrition

·         Reproduction and Genetics

·         Entrepreneur development

·         Halal certification & Financing

·         Quality control and HACCP